Annual Conference: Equity from the Start: Promoting Social Justice in Early Childhood Programs, June 14, 2019, 9-3, UJA, New York, NY

Event details

  • December 31, 1969
  • 9:00 AM
  • UJA 130 E 59th Street New York, NY 10022

Equity from the Start: Promoting Social Justice in Early Childhood Programs
Friday, June 14th 9AM – 3PM in New York City

Early childhood programs abound with diversity in both the children and the families who participate. This diversity comes from differences across race, class, developmental ability, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, languages spoken, and immigration status, to name a few. How do we, as early childhood professionals, develop our own awareness of the power and privilege afforded to some and of the oppression and marginalization foisted upon others on the basis of these identifiers? How can we make sure that we inadvertently don’t add to the weight of oppression experienced by the families we serve? How can we, instead, become instruments of social justice?

Our keynote presenter, Dr. Eva Marie Shivers, Founder and Executive Director of the Indigo Cultural Center, and our breakout presenters will address these questions. Dr. Shivers will begin the day looking at racial identity and how, through mindful transformation, we can be bias disruptors and champion social justice in early childhood programs. After her plenary presentation, we will break into small groups to discuss and process her talk. In the afternoon, the following breakout presenters will continue the exploration:  Michelle Gantt, Alexandra Martinez & Quiana Jackson, Veera Mookerjee, Renee Ortega, Laurel Salmon, and Rebecca Shahmoon-Shanok & Lauren Tobing-Puente.  Some will address the personal work required to develop intercultural competency, with a focus on self-reflection and therapeutic use of self, and others will focus on racial literacy in early childhood classrooms.  Still others will address a range of challenges including international immigration, developmental differences, and incarceration.

Join us for a day of reflection, learning, and action-taking to support our work with young children and their families!

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