Breakfast for Babies: Safeguarding the Essence of Early Childhood in the Time of Covid

Event details

  • December 11, 2020
  • 9:00 AM

Co-sponsored with NYSAIMH, Lesley Koplow, MS, LCSW, will lead this workshop on “Breakfast for Babies: Safeguarding the Essence of Early Childhood in the Time of Covid.” More information and registration here.

While Covid related health and safety precautions have so far allowed us to keep childcare and early childhood centers open, it is important to remember the essential elements of practice that nurture the emotional well-being of the young children present.

Through developmental partnership and play, teachers, therapists, and caregivers can buffer the adversity surrounding babies, toddlers and young children, and give them essential foundations for making sense of their worlds as they grow. By protecting the essence of early childhood in a time of crisis, we allow our youngest children to thrive.

The workshop will feature Lesley’s newest book, Emotionally Responsive Practice: A Path for Schools That Heal, Infancy–Grade 6. The book offers timely guidance to integrate trauma-informed care into practice as children, parents, and teachers live with the threat of Covid.

Workshop objectives:
– Participants will identify 3 components of practice that nurture emotional well-being in very young children.
– Participants will identify 3 advocacy actions that promote these components within their area of practice.
– Participants will collaborate with colleagues to identify alternative practices that nurture emotional well-being despite the challenges presented by Covid-era restrictions

This workshop is free for NYZTT and NYSAIMH members and $15 for non-members.

Optional: Earn 3 LCAT, LCSW, LMHC or LMSW Continuing Education Credits through Dancing Dialogue. Participants must first register with New York Zero-to-Three Network here, on Eventbrite, and then register directly with Dancing Dialogue to receive CE credits.


Lesley Koplow, LCSW, has been an Early Childhood Mental Health consultant for Head Start programs, independent preschools, social service agencies and school districts throughout the country for over 30 years. Lesley is the Founding Director of the Center for Emotionally Responsive Practice, at Bank Street College, providing professional development, teacher support and on-site consultation on supporting the emotional well- being of children in school settings. The Center works in collaboration with the New York City public schools, Head Start, Childcare, and other public and private sector programs to strengthen capacity to foster emotional health of children, staff, and families. Lesley is also the author of several books, including: Where Rag Dolls Hide Their Faces; Bears, Bears Everywhere: Supporting Children’s Emotional Health in the Classroom; and her latest book Emotionally Responsive Practice: A Path for Schools that Heal