NYZTT 20th Annual Spring Conference

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  • December 31, 1969
  • 8:00 AM
  • The Conference Center 130 East 59th Street Between Lexington/Park Avenues New York City, NY 10022
  • Director, New York Zero-to-Three Network, 718-638-7788

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Challenges and Solutions in Implementing Evidence-Based Interventions in the Real World

featuring plenary speakers
Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda, PhD

Laurie Miller Brotman, PhD

Programs for children and families are under increased pressure to use evidence-based practices to serve the needs of their clients.  Funding agencies and federal, state and local governments are now placing greater emphasis on effectiveness and accountability, requiring data to demonstrate a program’s effects.

In this conference, we will briefly touch on what is meant by “evidence-based” programs and then look at the challenges of taking a program, designed and tested under one set of conditions, and implementing it in the “real world” with a greater array of conditions.  The conference will include a focus on working with young children and families from diverse backgrounds.  We will explore how diverse parenting beliefs and values, multiple languages, immigration, and experiences of oppression and marginalization must be considered when working with families.  We will examine specific evidence-based programs for families with young children and how they can be adapted to the needs of a wide array of families.  Attendees will gain exposure to evidence-based approaches and resources for training and utilization of these approaches in their communities. 

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