Lorraine Chun, MLS

Description: Public Health Administrator/Librarian

Current Positions: Medical Librarian/Assistant Director, Sidney Druskin Library, New York College of Podiatric Medicine

  • Former Trainer with the Early Intervention Learning Network, Just Kids, Inc.
  • Extensive governmental experience in programs for high risk infants and toddlers, and childrenwith developmental delays from birth to age 21 years.
  • Developed numerous collaborative networks and programs in New York City and Westchester County to improve services for at risk infants and toddlers and infants and children with special needs.
  • Former Early Intervention Official for Westchester County and representative on various New York State Early Intervention committees, founding member of the Coalition for Asian American Children and Families and former Board of Directors member, and former member of the New York State Task Force on Immigrant Health.