Since the formal establishment of the New York Zero-to-Three Network in 1990, and its subsequent incorporation as a not-for-profit organization, the multidisciplinary Board has actively pursued its mission of strengthening the professional voice for infants and families.

The Board and its membership is comprised of a wide-range of professionals representing many disciplines who practice in and are affiliated with medical centers, universities, government and not-for-profit agencies and legal organizations. Thus the numerous study groups, workshops, and conferences, developed and provided under the aegis of the Network, have not only enhanced and informed the knowledge base of the participants, but they in turn have also informed and supported proactive policies and procedures within and through the Board’s and members’ broad-based affiliations.

Added to our formal activities have been numerous opportunities to informally network with others who champion services for the zero to three population and their families and who are committed to bringing the needs of this group to the forefront of public attention. As we further develop the organization’s infrastructure, we anticipate expanding our advocacy efforts and extending our commitment to serve as a catalyst for collective problem-solving around issues for this population.