Tactile and Sensory Foundations of Child Development

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  • November 11, 2021
  • 6:45 PM

Presenter: Linda L. Garofallou, MS, LMT, IMH-E®-III Clinical

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This workshop focuses on the impact of early tactile and sensory experience on the achievement of self-regulatory milestones in the first year of life. We will see how child development and relatedness can best be understood through the prism of sensory experience, one in which the skin and touch serve as the bridge between the child’s inner and outer worlds. The inclusion of the physiological, embryologic, cultural and historical roots of touch will help widen the perspective through which we understand this fundamentally non-verbal yet uniquely relational experience. An in-depth view of the psycho-social-physiological aspects of touch and its application to maternal contact is presented along with current medical research data. The goal is to present touch in its many cultural and physiological dimensions and to connect those elements to the experience of focused, parent-delivered tactile and sensory early intervention protocols as a means to promote bonding, attachment and healthy child development.

Workshop Topics of Discussion:

  • Neuroscience of Interpersonal Touch
  • Physiologic, Emotional, Social & Behavioral Effects
  • Embryology & Cell Physiology
  • Genetic Basis for Touch Effects
  • Cultural and Historical Foundations
  • Debunking the Theory of Spoiling
  • Medical & Psycho-Social Research Results
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    Linda Garofallou is the Qigong Sensory Treatment Therapist at the Center for Autism & Early Childhood Mental Health at Montclair State University and formerly at Children’s Hospital of NJ at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center where she has worked extensively with families and children with a wide range of serious medical diagnoses.

    She has developed a variety of pediatric sensory and massage programs for at-risk children & families, including programs for residential mother-baby drug rehabilitation and infant mental health clinics, foster home families and therapeutic learning centers. Linda holds a Masters degree in biology/ physiology, a post graduate certification in Infant & Preschool Mental Health and is faculty trained in Brazelton’s Touchpoints. She is a licensed massage therapist, licensed and certified in the Shanker Method of Self-Reg, Certified Qigong Sensory Treatment Therapist, Certified Instructor of Infant Massage and holds the Level III Clinical Endorsement in Infant Mental Health®.

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