Barbara Greenstein, LCSW, PhD

Dr. Barbara Greenstein is a social worker and psychoanalyst who  has spent close to 30 years pioneering innovative programs for high risk infants, toddlers, preschoolers and their families including mentally ill parents, teen parents, and dually- diagnosed parents. Dr. Greenstein developed the first new Early Head Start in New York City, a nationally recognized program that was spotlighted on “Good Morning America.” She was a member of the National Early Head Start Research consortium with investigators from New York University and Dr. Edward Zigler, the “father of Head Start” as research partners. Dr. Greenstein’s Early Head Start Program gave rise to the National Research study on Father Involvement in Early Head Start.

Most recently, Dr. Greenstein served as the Chief Operating Officer of The Child Center of New York, and as Division Director of Early Childhood Services at The Jewish Board. She is a member of the Early Childhood Strategic Work Group, a committee that advises the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene on early childhood mental health, served on the faculty of the Institute for Infants, Children and Families from its inception in 1995 and is past-president of the New York Zero to Three Network.