Janine Cheng

Janine Cheng is a child and family therapist in the ABC Bronx Early Childhood Treatment Center and provides individual and dyadic mental health treatment to families affected by complex trauma. Janine received her Master’s in Clinical Social Worker at the Silberman School of Social Work where she was selected as a member of the Child Trauma Program and received specialized training to work with this particularly vulnerable population. While studying Philosophy at Brown University, she was awarded a research grant to explore the ramifications of childhood sexual abuse on the psyche. Prior to beginning her current position, Janine worked at the Council on Accreditation, providing consultation services to nonprofit organizations to support their programs in meeting industry best practice standards. Janine has also worked in and has great familiarity with the field of child welfare, both as a case planner and a socio-therapist. Outside of her workplace, Janine has been collaborating with members of the Bronx Defenders to share ideas regarding dismantling racism within the child welfare system.

In her current role, Janine supervises a social work intern and a full-time staff member. She is actively involved in the organization’s Racial Justice Workgroup and regularly provides feedback to executive leadership regarding areas of opportunity as it relates to racial justice, diversity, inclusion and equity.