Julia Travers, RN, MSN

Julia, an Infant Toddler Specialist, has worked for over 35 years with young children and families as a clinical nurse specialist, parent educator, manager, program coordinator, and consultant of Early Intervention Programs.

Currently, she is a consultant to infant toddler programs providing practice-based coaching for guiding early care and learning professionals to use evidence-based best practices to improve teaching methods and promote positive child outcomes.

Julia launched the NYC Infant Toddler Resource Center, NYS Region 5, a collaborative initiative of the NYC Child Care Resource and Referral Consortium. She coordinated a team of Infant Toddler Specialists who provided classroom/program assessment using standardized tools (ITERS -R, FCCERS-R) and targeted quality improvement planning that aligned with NY State Early Learning Guidelines and best practices. 

Julia is a trained local Devereux program mentor who designed and implemented the Devereux Early Childhood Social Assessment project at the Center for Children’s Initiatives. Over 75 NYC program directors, education directors and infant toddler teachers participated in the project and included the assessment as part of developmental monitoring individualized planning. Julia was honored with the NYS award for “What’s Great in Our State: A Celebration of Children’s Mental Health” for the Devereux project.